The old church building

St. Paul's purchased an old church building in 1886 to serve as its first sanctuary. This building was located just north of the present church building. The cornerstone for the present building was laid in July 1907, and dedicated in March of 1908. The marble baptismal font was purchased by the youth of the congregation in 1914. Matching hymnal charts came from the old church. The first English-language worship service was in 1908.

The Parish House was built in 1940 and dedicated in February 1941, just ten months before World War II began. It was built to accommodate a rapidly growing Sunday School, school, and various group events and activities.

The strong belief in education was evident from the beginning. At its organization in 1872, the congregation also organized its school, a fairly common practice among immigrants. In 1890, the congregation bought land across the street to the south of the sanctuary to build a schoolhouse. In the beginning, the school offered 1st through 8th grade, with the older grades mandatory for confirmation. In 1952, a kindergarten was added. The current school building was constructed and dedicated in 1964. In the fall of 1968, a preschool program was added and currently serves three, four and five year olds waiting to go to kindergarten. In 1969 the congregation discontinued 7th and 8th grade. The school welcomes children from other congregations and nearby communities as well as those with no church affiliation.

Throughout its history, St. Paul's commitment to worship and education are to lead its members to reach out in service to others.

In 1959, the congregation realized it could reach out to others through a radio ministry. Today, St. Paul's weekly worship services can be heard every Sunday morning over Waverly's local station, KWAY 99.3 FM at 9am.

In 1966, Fred Downing, a member of St. Paul's and a newly ordained minister, with the help of this congregation, established an inner-city church, Holy Family Lutheran Church in Cabrini Green, Chicago. He soon began bringing inner-city children to visit his hometown and church each summer. These visits have continued for over forty years and have enabled many lasting friendships and opportunities to develop.

Worship and education are keys that result in service to others. It's summed up in our mission statement. At St. Paul's we "grow in faith, through Christian community, for Christ's service."