Parents are welcome in the classrooms

Parents may visit the classroom regularly or to schedule a time to eat lunch with their child. They are encouraged to make arrangements with the child's teacher to plan a visit that fits both the parent and class schedule. Having parents visit the classrooms is a special time for every class.

Parents are invited to worship

Parents and other family and community members are invited to attend weekly worship. Students regularly lead worship service on Thursdays at 8:35am. A Baptismal Worship Service is held once each month. 

Parents are encouraged to share

Teachers plan field trips and special guests to enhance student learning. Parents are encouraged to share their knowledge and talents in the classroom and as volunteers to help chaperone events.

Parents are invited to participate

St. Paul's Lutheran School has an active Parent Teacher Organization. Parents are encouraged to participate in PTO-sponsored activities and to volunteer on the PTO Board to plan fund raisers, family events, student activities, and teacher support projects.

St. Paul's PTO

We are excited about the new school year and are looking forward to some really great events. We have a lot of fun when we get together, and the kids benefit from it. Don’t be shy—we’d love to have you (and we need you!)

We have a great leadership team and wonderful activity captains who step forward to lead events.

2016-2017 PTO Leadership Team

  • Krismar Ramker, Co-Chair

  • Christine DeVries, Treasurer

  • Mandy Keith, Secretary